Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What to do with Frying Oil?

I need suggestions on what to do with

oil that has been used once to fry fritters... it seems wasteful to throw out 2.5 bottle of oil but I'm not sure if I have other options. Help!

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Sonshine said...

I have known of people having different containers of oil in their fridge from deep frying things.

I would let the oil cool and then place in a plastic container and put in your fridge and mark it that you used it for fritters. If you strain it before you put it in the container you could use the oil for other things as well.

I have a deep fryer that I use mostly for making homemade french fries. There has been a few occasions that I have used it for something other and I just take a fresh potato, slice it and cook it in the oil and all the "crispies" attach to the potato while it is frying. Once the potato is cooked you can either dump it or you can eat it with all the different kinds of crispies on it. Your oil becomes cleaner after doing the "potato trick".

So there you have a couple of ideas to recycle that used frying oil. HTH!

Susan said...

a) Make more fritters
b) Have Steve convert the Mercedes to run on oil.

Andrew & Lisa said...

Send it or save it for my in-laws. They have a 100% vegetable oil powered VW Beetle. It's awesome and they're saving SO much money on gas b/c he picks up oil from a Mexican restaurant in town and filters it to use in his car. Save it! :)

Tammy L said...

You can strain the oil (after it's cooled, of course!) and store it in a container (even the original bottle[s]) until the next time you fry something.

We hardly ever deep-fry things, but when we do (like, french fries... something not too messy) I keep saving/using the oil until it turns dark or leaves a funny taste on the food. :)

Anonymous said...

I save used frying oil for my converted Diesel truck. I'm in the Chicago area.